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                                                                                                                    NEW PRODUCTS

          A  Flat Pencil Case
             A4 size clear pencil case which you can take into exams.   B  Premium Pencil Cases
             Made from 200 micron plastic come with stitched in zip for   A premium clear pencil case with stitched edges for added
             added strength. Available in assorted colours and packs of   strength. Available in two size with black zips only and
             12.                                                 packs of 12.

          CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION          PACK QTY            CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION         PACK QTY
          302151   Clear Flat Pencil Case A4  12              302215   Premium Pencil Case 8 x 5  12
                                                              302216   Premium Pencil Case 13 x 5  12

          C  Elba Display Book
             These stylish elba polyvision display book contains 20 glass   D  Snopake Zippa Bags
             clear pockets which have a corner opening for easy insertion   Snopake’s EPPE zippa bags are bright coloured zip bags
             of your work. The display books come with a pocket on   with a plastic zip. It is biodegradable which makes them
             the front of the display book so you can personalise your   environmentally friendly. Available in A5 and A4 sizes packs
             presentation.                                       of 5 assorted colours.

          CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION                              CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION         PACK QTY
          100205600  Polyvision Display Book                  15814    Zippa Bags A5 Assorted  5
                                                              15816    Zippa Bags A4 Assorted  5

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