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                                                              B  Magnifying Glass                                   NEW PRODUCTS
                                                                 A sturdy 3mm plastic guide with slots to check letter and
          A  Single Hole Punch                                   large letter sizes with details of size and weight guides.
                                                                 Printed with 240mm and 350mm graduations. Featuring a
             A handy office accessory, easy to use, multi purpose tool to   hanging hole so that you can hang it up so you do not loose
             help with numerous paper filings                    it.

          CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION
          301684      Single Hole Punch                       301067     Magnifying Glass

          C  Money Detector Pen                               D  Book Ends
             Counterfeit money detector pen which will identify any   A set of 2 metal books ends black in colour which measure
             suspect bank notes in seconds.                      128mm x 158mm.
          CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION       PACK QTY
          301734      Money Detector Pen                      302007     Book Ends         2

                                                              F  Call Bell
                                                                 A metal construction ringer call bell which measures 8.5cm
          E  Hand Tally Counter                                  in diameter. This is an ideal product for school reception
             A metal 4 digit hand tally counter which goes from 0 to   area to attract attention when no one is behind available to
             9999 and can be quickly reset to 0000.              stand at reception.
          CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION
          301536      Hand Tally Counter                      301729     Call Bell

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