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                                                               B  Postal Template Ruler
                                                                  A sturdy 3mm plastic guide with slots to check letter and
                                                                  large letter sizes with details of size and weight guides.
           A   Letter Opener                                      Printed with 240mm and 350mm graduations. Featuring a
               A stainless steel letter opener which has a 7.5” blade which   hanging hole so that you can hang it up so you do not loose
               makes opening letter easier.                       it.

           CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION
           301685      Letter Opener                           301603     Postal Ruler

           C   Sponge Damper
               A sponge damper pad which is useful for counting money,
               paper and notes. It can also be used for moistening   Date Stamp
               gummed labels and envelopes which means you do not   D
               have to lick them. The non slip base will stop the damper   A rubber date stamp that you need to use with a stamp
               moving around your desk while you are using it.    pad. The stamps cover a 12 year period.
           CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION
           301730      Sponge Damper                           301831     Date Stamp

           E   Pre Inked Stamp Pads                            F  Paper Spike
               A pre inked stamp pad which measures 122mm x 84mm   This is a metal note spike which measures 12cm in height
               which can be re inked. Available in 3 colours black, blue and   which makes it ideal product for quick storage of notes,
               red.                                               receipts, invoices and bills.

           CAT. REF.   DESCRIPTION                             CAT. REF.  DESCRIPTION
           301731      Stamp Pads Blue                         301537     Paper Spike
           301733      Stamp Pads Black
           301830      Stamp Pads Red

                   Educational Supplies.
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