Service Department 


Service means everything in every aspect of our business. The word service in our case means not only the maintenance and repair of our customers' equipment, important though that is, it also means how quickly we can deliver goods to you, how efficient an enquiry about a new product is handled, how well enquiries on invoices or orders are sorted out. Although we believe the service we offer is good, it can always be improved. We are continually striving to try and improve all aspects of our service. 



£3950.00 +VAT 



 RISO ME 9350  - With a Network Card Fitted. 

Double your colours for double the impact and immediacy in your documents. ME series printers provide the power of two-colour printing at just a single pass, making it easy and convenient to give your documents a professionally finished look. RISO quality lets you communicate your ideas quickly, beautifully, easily, and usefully. And the highly durable ME series take various type of paper, making them more versatile than ever.

The RISO ME9350 digital duplicator comes with dual drums. Compared to using single-colour digital duplicators for two-colour output, this reduces ink-drying time and the tasks of reinserting paper and changing drums. One simple action gives you the high-speed colour printing you need. (Single-colour printing using one drum is also possible.)

The RISO ME9350 first creates a master copy of the original document, from which prints are made. The printing cost per copy of a document goes down with every print, making the RISO ME9350 highly economical for large-volume printing. You can use the optional “A4/letter drum” to print these popular sizes even more efficiently to save master usage, holding down running costs to a minimum. 



£3000.00 + VAT 



 IDEAL 4850-95 EP

The IDEAL 4850-95 offers both electro-mechanical drive of the cutting blade and automatic clamping in a simple to operate guillotine that comes complete with stand. LED lights produce a highly visible cutting line while positioning of the back gauge is controlled through an LED display. IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System is employed to ensure reliability and safely when cutting.

The IDEAL 4850-95EP covers a range from 475mm cutting length to 30mm and with a maximum 80mm cutting height.


Electro-mechanical Clamp.

Spindle guided back gauge.

Safety guards.

Digital display.

Dimensions: 1230 x 755 x 970 mm

Weight: 225 kg