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Please Note Gronhi has merged with HANS Technology to become HANS - GRONHI Graphic Technology Company Limited. Machine names and model numbers remain the same

HANS - GRONHI Graphic Technology Company Limited

We are now one of the few remaining UK companies who are capable of servicing the full range of Multilith printing presses and ancillary equipment Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require spare parts, supplies or advice regarding any problems that may arise as a result of the sad demise of AMI Technology.


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The Gronhi DM-340 is a special numbering machine for sheet-fed printing. The unique numbering is available in horizontal and vertical positioning as well as perf, score, and imprinting functions. This enhances the Gronhi DM-340's versatility.

The Gronhi DM-340 uses straight and convex numbering heads in a wide range of sizes and type styles.

The setup of the numbering position and paper feeding is relatively quick and easy.

The ability to load the vacuum feed stacker allows single sheets as well as multi part forms to feed easily through the Gronhi DM-340


We supply a full range of colour matching inks for a selection of Digital Duplicators

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